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The blog of pro athlete, businesswoman and mother of two Amanda Beard. 


Speed & Efficiency

Amanda Beard

As a mom, wife and professional athlete my days consist of managing all kinds of activities. My schedule really demands organization and efficiency and the last thing I need or want to spend extra time on is my laundry. Luckily one of my sponsors, Maytag, was kind enough to send me a new Bravos XL high efficiency washer and dryer and let me say this … WA-WA-WEE-WA! After doing one load I couldn’t help but think about the many hours wasted using old equipment from a substandard brand. I used to constantly wash my son Blaise’s clothes over and over and apply all kinds of stain removers because spots and dirt (and unidentifiable stuff) just wouldn’t come out; My dryer never got hot enough to get the job done in one round so typically I’d try to multi-task around the house for hours waiting for everything to dry. Now, everything comes out clean and dry in a single cycle! (If I weren’t already married, I’d consider being the first to wed an appliance.)

Cleanliness aside, I think one of the most important features of the Bravos XL washer is that it gives me the option to use a cold wash cycle while providing the same cleaning performance as a warm wash cycle. It uses less energy and far less water. Win-win for the environment and me!

While my husband Sacha appreciates having clean clothes and being green, he’s much happier with the new washer and dryer because they are really, really ridiculously quiet. His office is situated right next to the laundry room and while it used to sound like knights jousting, he now hears nothing when I run a load or two. (He wants me to add that their sports-car-like appearance doesn’t hurt and almost makes him want to do the laundry … Maytag, I think you’re on to something here.)