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The blog of pro athlete, businesswoman and mother of two Amanda Beard. 


Wake Up and Go!

Amanda Beard

If you’re trying to squeeze a workout into your already hectic schedule, always remember this:

The best time for you to get a workout in is early in the morning.

Wake up, put on your running shoes, grab your bike or swim bag and get going (without thinking about it). The snooze button is your enemy! 


Need help or motivation? Find a friend to train with and commit to each other – there is power in numbers. Working out in the morning will keep you refreshed and energized for the remainder of the day. Often, we find excuses during the day to avoid the gym. Even fitting in a workout midday can mean running on low energy, which makes it not only hard to motivate ourselves through a workout but it also often hinders how hard we can push ourselves too.

So here is my advice to you: Get up and get moving! Your life will change for the better, I promise. After a morning workout, you will be ready to conquer your day – you’ll be amazed by how much you will accomplish before the kids return home from school!

Good luck!