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The blog of pro athlete, businesswoman and mother of two Amanda Beard. 


My Summer Reading List!

Amanda Beard

Summertime is the perfect time to catch up on the books you've been wanting to read forever. You can't beat sitting by the pool or on the beach in the Summer with a good book in hand.

So, I figured I'd share my top summer reading list with you:

  • Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov - An old classic.
  • American Psycho, by Easton Ellis - Whether or not you've seen the movie with Christian Bale, this is a fantastic book. My suggestion, read it then rent the movie!
  • Half Magic, By Edward Eager - A fun youth book that you can read to the whole family. My husband bought me this for Christmas because it's one of his all time favorite books.
  • The Pact, By Jodi Picoult - A modern day Romeo and Juliet that was turned into a Lifetime movie. I love romance and drama and this book has it all.
  • The Hunger Games Trilogy, By Suzanne CollinsI read these last summer while I was competing in Shanghai and quickly became obsessed with them. I know most of you have probably read them, but if you havent, go buy them NOW!
  • In the Water They Cant See You Cry, By: MeOk, I had to put my book on here of course. But I truly recommend it to anyone who has ever struggled in their life; any athlete, any father of girls, anyone in general. I would love for you to read and please tell me what you think. 

Please let me know of a couple of your favorite books to read so I can add them to my list!