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The blog of pro athlete, businesswoman and mother of two Amanda Beard. 


Second CROSSFIT Workout of the Week

Amanda Beard

Today was another CrossFit day - I got my butt kicked! My trainer Shaun and I did chest-to-bar pull-ups and back squats, among other things. He really helped me with my form on my squats - it's important to have good technique otherwise you won't get the maximum results. It's also great to have a professional watch over you while doing strength moves to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly, even if you perform them on a regular basis. In addition to enhancing results, it helps prevent injuries too. Thanks to GTX Crossfit in Tucson for kicking my butt - I love it!!

Check out my workout routine from today and my battle scares to prove it! 

Lovely, huh? Hard work always pays off though!