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The blog of pro athlete, businesswoman and mother of two Amanda Beard. 


Another CrossFit Day!

Amanda Beard

Today was another CrossFit day - I told you I was addicted to it!
Gene was my trainer today and helped me a lot with my form, especially on bench press. I'm actually a little under the weather right now, so unfortunately I couldn't push myself as much as I would have wanted to. But I will say, the tabatas surely kicked my butt! For those of you who don't know, a CrossFit tabata is performing as many reps of the assigned exercise as you can in 20 seconds - then resting for 10 seconds, repeating again and again for a total of eight intervals, or 4 minutes of exercise. The hardest tabata sets for me to do were definitely the strict pull-ups and bar dips. Doing them made me realize that I'm a little out of shape right now! But it also makes me excited to watch myself improve and get stronger. That's what fitness is all about, right?

What's your current fitness addiction? Mine is definitely CrossFit!